Ambush Paintball may not be the "biggest" field in Manitoba, However where we lack in size we feel we more than make up for in quality, service, and value. Our facility uses BT-4 and Tippmann Model 98 semi-automatics as its marker of choice because of their accuracy and durability. We only use premium grade paintballs which shoot further and straighter and is washable, unlike many other fields who skimp by using "seconds" paint which has a tendency to break in the gun due to poor quality. Having equipment that works, and works well is important to experienced ballers, and it's just as important to renters to have a good time. In addition to providing renters with top-quality gear, our fully trained staff will also provide your group with full instruction on equipment operation, safety procedures, rules of the game, and game variations. Our field is surrounded by lush trees with both natural and man-made bunkers and towers, and we are constantly making changes to our field to ensure it is a new experience for returning players. We also have a new Speedball field, the only one of its kind in Westman. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 204 725-1444. We hope to hear from you soon!

What's new at Ambush?

After 25 years of service, Ambush Paintball is for sale. We would like to thank all of our customers for their patronage. We have decided not to open and just to focus on the sale of the business. Serious inquires only, please contact to view any and all equipment. Price negotiable.
What comes with the business:
Website and phone number( includes this years listing in the phone books)
40 Tippman 98 custom’s
40 BT4 paintball gun’s
3 bottle nitro fill station
CO2 fill station
60 12oz tanks
50 helmets
80 coveralls
60 cases of 2000 rounds (paint)
Parts for guns
Store inventory (over 30,000 retail value)
50 loaders (holds 140)
Display case and counters
A washer
A porta potty
Interact machine
Bunkers if wanted
And much more, call if you want to view.

Ambush Outdoor Paintball
"The Ultimate Adventure"
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